Stealth 2 - Flight to home is a fan fiction story, and is placed like a second movie for Stealth. This story introduces new characters and a new plot, showing what is happening with characters two years after the events in Stealth.

Stealth 2 - Flight to home
Stealth 2-aj


Fan fiction


adventure, action, sci-fi, comedy, family






The story takes place when two years passed from the events in Stealth. Ben is bored with his new life without any action, because the world calmed down. Kara is on visit to her parents, and so he is thinking about his current and mainly past life. Because EDI left with Henry, and Tim got another place, he can't get these thoughts out of his mind. To his surprise it's already two years and its the anniversary day. In the same time Keith Orbit discovers something strange. He is still very concerned about what happened with EDI, and he didn't create an AI since then. He is rather surprised when he gets message, and needs someone to help him.



  • Justin can be found in this story like minor character, because he makes a small cameo without any big role, a lot of people missed him