Laris's Wish is a fan comic based on the Stealth movie. Story takes place two years before the movie, and shows Dr. Keith Orbit, with his earlier creation - Laris. This story doesn't contain any more of original character from the movie, because there isn't any important event for them in the story. Even when they will make a small cameo. EDI isn't in this story even created yet, so he is too left out. Plot concerns mainly about Laris, and Justin and why Laris disappeared from Keith's life.

Laris's wish


Fan comic




action,comedy, family




In 2014 Dr. Keith Orbit creates one of his complete AIs. Because he wanted to not be alone anymore, he, together with a few of his friends and companies created Laris. After a content week, when Laris is learning everything, he is kidnapped by mysterious intruders in Keith's house. Doctor was trying to find him everywhere, but he didn't success, and so it's on Laris to escape.In the same time Justin, the young Canadian man, or boy has to say goodbye to his childhood friend May.And he has to decide about his family racing tradition. When Laris manages to escape and he meets with Justin for the first time, it's beginning of their quite complicated friendship and adventure.


  • Laris
  • Justin
  • Dr. Keith Orbit
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