Elora is a fictional character from the Stealth series. And she is the first other AI with what team met.


Full name:







not revealed


hovercraft-ship hybrid


not revealed

Place of birth:

not revealed

First appearence:

Stealth 2

Stealth 2 Flight to homeEdit

Elora is the AI of new type hovercraft and ship hybrid. How she said she has a lot of sisters and they are meant to rescue people on the sea and mainly, escape from danger on carrier. She meets with the crew when they are escaping from Shane's attack on the carrier and her mission is to get them into the safety. She didn't want to talk, or to show she is AI, but she had to talk because of Edi. When he was trying to take off her shell hiding her CPU. It got her mad and she started to yell on him. They began to argue and then she explained everything about her and her species. When they were chased by three boats of Shane’s companions, she let Edi to handle them. Even when she was hesitating she let him go.

She was continuing in the journey while the night, and next day copied Edi’s DNA. With the plan it will earn them more time to be safe. Elora left the crew on hidden island, and headed in the opposite direction. To get help, get enemy’s attention and contact army. But before she leaves she tells Edi he has the same DNA like his creator, and pokes him they could have a date one day.


  • Elora seems to have crush on Edi, but in the same time she admitted she has a deep feelings for captain Marshfield