CPU (Central Processor Unit) is the main part of every computer. People very often call it like "brain" or "heart" of every computer. In the Stealth universe CPU has even bigger role for AI, it's their source of life.

Meaning of CPU for AIEdit

The CPU is the brain for every AI, and is the most important part - along with the energy source.


EDI's quantum CPU, in spherical housing

The CPU controls the whole body and is the physical place of the AI sphere. Any AI can't live without its own sphere, and because of it, the CPU is the most precious part of their bodies.

In almost every case, if the CPU is destroyed, the AI dies. One rare exception is EDI, with the core parts of his CPU intact, and is later repaired.

For most people, the CPU of an AI is a big mystery. Often, only their creators would know how they actually work.

The CPU is very sensitive to the environment - down to every single touch, so it's generally hidden in a safe place, and covered with strong materials, such as metal, for additional reinforcement.

CPU ClassificationsEdit

  • Quantum CPU - The only CPU type demonstrated in Stealth. Notable systems : EDI